New Year's Resolution Solution

The idea of "re-solving" sounds exhausting to me. If the problem has been solved already why bother re-solving it again. That's the kind of thing the ego mind does to justify its existence. Fixing things that don't really need fixing.

The word "solve" is from the Latin word solvere which means to loosen or release. This calls to mind the release of energy that is blocked and constricted. That would be a good thing if that's what we actually did when we make a resolution. But it isn't.

What we really do is exert more energy toward a goal which focuses our attention on an elusive ideal that we dangle in front of ourselves like a carrot. Meanwhile we continue to pass judgment on ourselves in the present, causing more blocked energy and pain. It rarely dawns on us that a) we choose how we define ourselves, and b) we can choose to accept ourselves as we are.

Blasphemy you say? Hardly. Who says you have to lose weight? Or quit smoking? Or spend more time with family? Or whatever you hate yourself for when you look in the mirror? Those things are great, but they will do nothing to change the infinite worth of who you are right now.

I dare you to believe that.

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