Stream of Consciousness

This blog has new meaning for me now. I've spent the last year going through profound changes in philosophy and awareness. Countless epiphanies. Astounding revelations. And even better.... blessed validation.

Rather than dumping all of my old belief systems I have learned to not only embrace all my painful memories and decades of self-doubt, but to actually celebrate them. They are my foundation. I am whole because of them. In fact, now I see I was always whole. I Am all of me in this moment and always have been.

In case you're wondering where all this new age junk is coming from it's simply a reflection of a "new" stream of consciousness I am now experiencing. I will tell more later but suffice it to say I grew up in a full-on fundamentalist home that was in no way repressive, but made me ask a lot of questions and think about some pretty heavy things. After struggling with a lifetime of internal conflict between absolutism and enlightenment I now feel gratitude for the fruit of so much personal crisis.

So this blog, which I started last year as a part of this awakening, has come back to me as an outlet for the abundance of insight that comes so rapidly. Everyday I get new stuff, and I used to pretend I would write it down somewhere, but I never did. But that's what a web log is for, right? To keep track of the flashes of inspiration that come our way.

I used to worry about making it perfect. Trying to impress someone. But I don't have time for that now. There's too much flying by that I want to share. And now more than ever I recognize that my inspirations belong to everyone. I am responsible for giving them life. And by doing so I am awakening the co-creator in me.

What an awesome journey!

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