Welcome to the driveway

It occured to me recently that every day I leave and return from the same place-- the concrete launchpad next to my house called a driveway. And no matter where I go, driving sets my mind free to wander which leads me into some interesting cerebral terrain. Stuff on the radio, recent converstions, philisophical questions, memories, regrets, ideas, images, conspiracy theories, reality, silence-- all ingredients of an ongoing stew of contemplation.

And then it culminates in a meditative pause at the end of the driveway. A few seconds of pure zen everyday as I transition from one journey to the next. Empty moments when all of the unfettered thoughts and ruminations come bubbling up from my psyche and dissipate like steam from my brain.

Within the insanity of suburban life I was pleased to discover I do indeed have a spiritual practice in this sacred stillness. And so I am bringing it here to give away.

Keep in touch.

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